Company Overview

Headwater Gold is a private Canadian company focused on high-grade precious metal exploration in the Western USA. The company is exploring some of the most mining-friendly jurisdictions in the world such as Nevada and Idaho. Headwater was founded by a team of highly experienced former Kinross geologists with deposit-type specific experience and a global perspective. The company uses the extensive local knowledge of the team and a proprietary target generation software system to identify high-quality opportunities on open ground.

The portfolio includes twelve 100% owned royalty-free, high-quality projects:

  • Untested high-grade targets
  • 2019 rock sampling up to 55.2 g/t Au
  • Drill-ready projects with existing 43-101 reports

Why Focus on High Grade?

  • High Margins
    High-grade gold mines typically boast low production costs and high margins, which results in decreased sensitivity to metal prices and market conditions.
  • High-Impact Discoveries
    New high-grade discoveries typically garner immediate market attention, while it may take years for the value of a low-grade discovery to become apparent.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    High-grade mines typically have smaller footprints and often justify underground mining methods which (relative to large open pits) reduces permitting timelines, closure costs, and long-term environmental liability.
  • Larger Market of Buyers and Partners
    Large, high cap-ex, low-grade mines can only be developed successfully by a few companies, while high-grade deposits are much more forgiving and are attractive to everyone.

Why Explore the Western USA?

  • Strong Mining Culture
    The settlement of the western USA occurred in large part due to the discovery of precious metals in the great historic districts of the West. Mining continues to form the backbone of many rural economies and maintains strong local support.
  • Global Leader in Gold Endowment
    Home to the prolific Carlin Trend, the Cortez Trend, and several world-class high-grade epithermal deposits (Sleeper, Midas, Fire Creek, Aurora, Comstock), the western US boasts one of the highest gold endowments on the planet. Nevada alone produced 5.6 M ounces of gold in 2018.
  • Nevada Ranked #1 Mining Jurisdiction: Frasier Institute 2018
    Click here to read more about it.
  • Politically Stable with Established Rule of Law
    The Federal lands of the Western USA are subject to well-established mining law, land tenure, and mine permitting regulations. Economically viable discoveries can be developed into mines with minimal political risk.
  • Logistically Simple with Existing Infrastructure
    Established road networks and power infrastructure allow simple and cost-effective exploration and mine development. A large trained local workforce allows projects to be advanced in a timely manner.
Headwater Gold President & Chief Geologist Caleb Stroup explains why the company is focusing on exploring mineral assets in the Western USA.